The Grafton Difference

Grafton is diversified across service lines and industry sectors to provide our clients with the best possible HR services and solutions. We are able to evolve with the changing staffing, business and economic conditions nationwide.

Additionally, by leveraging our worldwide network and staffing expertise, Grafton is equipped to guide our clients through their most complex and challenging staffing undertakings. We have used our expertise to assist our clients in developing strategic staffing plans, consult on long-term HR projects and fully staff complex projects with the best candidates.

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Grafton’s professional recruiters focus on finding people with the highly sought-after skills that employers are seeking. We succeed at matching people with projects and clients that allow them to do their best work.

Because we offer our clients a guarantee on your work, you can be confident that you have been carefully chosen for the client’s job. You can also be assured that we have confidence in you, your work and your commitment to developing an ongoing relationship with us and our clients.

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At Grafton, we focus on filling positions based on what our clients need. You tell us the title and the skills necessary for the position and we find the best candidate fit by combining revolutionary technology with our vast database of skills.

We specialize in engineering, scientific and contact center staffing. These are areas and disciplines where our professional recruiters maintain a high level of expertise, allowing them to provide you with the best skills match for your needs.

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